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Boomer Non-Linear Regression Program

Consider JGuiB a GUI for Boomer

Download Section

Macintosh/UNIX Mac OS X Terminal versions

Double clicking on the package file after it has been downloaded will install boomer and a required library file. For the Macintosh/UNIX versions below you will need to 'install' boomer manually if you want it to be available from any folder. As an administrator user you can move boomer to your PATH and thereby invoke the program globally (from any folder such as a data containing folder). Open the Terminal program and change directory (cd) to the folder containing boomer. This will be your download folder. The downloaded file is zip archive which will usually be expanded automatically. Issue the command

sudo cp boomer /usr/bin/boomer
Enter password

this will put boomer in a directory usually included in your PATH variable. You should now be able to run the program by typing boomer from any directory.

Linux/Fedora 2 versions - the latest version usually works best :-)

Windows/DOS versions which run under Windows in a DOS/Command window

Windows users may find it easier to right click on the required link below, Save Target as ..., and unzip with Winzip or similar).

If you move the executable files to some suitable folder such as C:\Users\yourUserName\Documents and set the PATH variable you can access the programs from any folder where you have data or plan to store data.

From the folder containing boomer.exe, cDat.exe, eOUT.exe and eBest.exe type
copy *.exe C:\Users\yourUserName\Documents\*.exe
Now change the PATH variable by adding this new location.
where yourUserName is your user directory name.
Tested with Window 7

Macintosh versions - the latest version usually works best :-)

Appendix I - Sample .BAT (Macintosh format) or Sample .BAT (Zipped) format) files

Macintosh users should be able to download the .BAT files below by clicking on the link. Windows users may need to right click on the link, Save Target aa.

Boomer Tutorials

Editing .BAT files

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